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1 Addition and Subtraction with Fractions
Explain Equivalent Fractions
Equivalent Fractions and Multipliers
Strategies for Comparing Fractions
Fractions Greater Than One
Add Mixed Numbers
Subtract Mixed Numbers
Add Unlike Fractions
Subtract Unlike Fractions
Solve with Unliked Mixed Numbers

2 Addition and Subtraction with Decimals
Thousands to Thousandths
Compare Decimals (Tenths and Hundredths)
Compare Decimals (Thousandths)
Adding Decimals
Subtracting Decimals
Add Whole Numbers and Decimals
Subtract Whole and Decimal Numbers
Round and Estimate with Decimals
Graph with Decimal Numbers

3 Multiplication and Division with Fractions
Basic Multiplication Concepts
Multiplication with Non-Unit Fractions
Multiplication with Fractional Solutions
Multiply a Fraction by a Fraction
Multiplication Strategies (Lattice Model)
Mulitply Mixed Numbers
Relate Fraction Operations
Solve Real World Problems
Make Generalization
When Dividing is Also Multiplying
Solve Division Problems
Distinguish Multiplication from Division
Operations with Fractions

4 Multiply w/Whole Numbers & Decimals
Multiplication Patterns
Multiply Two-Digit Numbers
Multiply Decimals by Whole Numbers
Multiply by Decimals
Multiply with Decimals Greater Than 1
Estimate Product

5 Division w/Whole Numbers & Decimals
Divide Whole Numbers by One Digit
Dividing by Two-Digit Whole Numbers
Divide Decimals Numbers by Whole Numbers
Divide Whole Numbers by Decimal Numbers
Divide with Two Decimal Numbers

6 Operations and Word Problems
Equations for Addition and Subtraction
Equations for Multiplication and Division

7 Algebra, Patterns, & Coordinate Graphs
Read and Write Expressions
Simplify Expressions
Evaluate Expressions
The Coordinate Plane
Graph Ordered Pairs

8 Geometry
Perimeter and Area of Rectangles
Cubic Units and Volume
Volume Formulas
Volume of Composite Solid Figures
Attributes of Quadrilaterlaterals
Attributes of Triangles
Attributes of Two-Dimensional Shapes


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